About Us

Welcome to WhatsupHome!

I'm the founder of WhatsupHome e-commerce store with a vision of helping everyone out there to solve their daily problems effectively and productively.

Everything started from somewhere with a purpose!

I'm a husband to a full-time housewife and a father to 2 beautiful daughters. Before my entrepreneur journey, I worked as a full-time engineer in an American company for 11 years.

In 2018, it was the lowest point in my life with my beloved wife diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3. The recommended procedures from the Oncologist is to perform a mastectomy on her right breast and 6 months of chemotherapy/radiology.

With my wife underwent the recovery, me as the pillar of the family had stepped in and taken over the housework daily. At first, it was a freaking nightmare experience to me as all the while my wife is taking care of it. I'm struggling with the daily laundry, toilets are in mess and having a hard time to keep the floor clean after each cooking session for the kids!

Since then, I started to Google and search for a solution. I realized that in the innovative era, there are tonnes of gadgets out there that could be the game-changer. Some of the products are simple but it works perfectly fine to get the things done.

Today, I want to share the WINS with everyone out there with the same struggles. In WhatsupHome, I want it to be the platform that gathered the proven and most reliable solutions for a better lifestyle, productive and most importantly practical!